How we work:

We partner with your Business to enhance your Strategic objectives
We make it our business to understand your Business
We believe in making People's relationships profitable
We are a 'hands-on' firm and do not use trainers
We stay until you see the difference, the value or the behaviour change
We focus on practical real world applications and steer away from definition and theories
We believe in a 'drip-feed' learning approach that creates effective skills transfer
We don't touch it unless we can measure it

How we don't work:

We are NOT trainers
We don't train for the sake of training
We empower people, never embarrassing them
We don't do 'quick & dirty' courses...with little or no value
We do not work in isolation from Management and intervention 'sponsors'

Our Story:

Redpoint Consulting was established in 1998 by Wade Britton and Mignon Botha. Each partner focuses on a specialized area and often work in tandem in our client base.

Redpoint symbolizes the strategy climbers apply when planning their summit to the top of the cliff. Before the ascension "Redpoints" are identified where the carabenas would be attached in the cliff to safely reach the summit. We provide the same service to our clients with cutting edge skills that enable them to 'summit' their Business and Strategic objectives.

A note on our 'rope logo': 3 Ropes intertwined symbolizing a symbiotic partnership with our Clients.

Our Vision & Mission:

To offer our clients so much more than what was discussed in the Brief

We are in the business of strengthening employees, teams and management teams to liberate their potential and add significant Value to their organization.

Redpoint is proudly accredited with Serviceseta as a Provisional Supplier with Decision Number 1429.

Our Values:

More bang for your buck!
Simple and Fun
Responsive & Focused
Create life time Partnerships


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