Module 1 - Supervisory Fundamentals

SUPERVISORY COMPETENCY FRAMEWORK Link To - Keeping the Right People (PDF) SUPERVISORY FUNDAMENTALS: PLOCS Link To - The Role of a Manager Has to Change in 5 Key Ways (PDF) Link To - How Spotify Balances Employee Autonomy and Accountability (PDF) SUPERVISORY LEADERSHIP PROFILE Link To - Pushing Employees to Go Read more

EL - Module 1

LEADER VS MANAGER Link To - Promoting staff to leadership (PDF) Link To - 10 CEOs Who Made Huge Mistakes (PDF) THE 4 LEADERSHIP STYLES Link To - How to Identify Leadership Potential (PDF) Link To - 6 Insights for Transformative Leaders (PDF) REPUTATION MANAGEMENT Link To - How to Manage your Read more

EL - Module 3

TEAM EQ Link To - The Emotional Impulses That Poison Healthy Teams (PDF) BEING A TEAM PLAYER WITH INTEGRITY Link To - Ten Qualities of an Effective Team Player (PDF) NURTURING MY TEAM MATES Link To - How to Praise Sincerely (PDF) HAVING FAITH IN MY TEAM MATES Link To - How Read more