Gutsy Conversations

There are many conversations Leaders avoid: delivering bad news to a team, discussing sensitive information with stakeholders, talk about a meeting that have gone wrong or conducting a performance appraisal.

All these scenarios and many more provoke Anxiety, negatively influences Communication and diverts your Attention from the work at hand, but it does not have to.

Our tailor-made program coined “Gutsy Conversations” tackle just these things. Gutsy Conversations equip those that conclude our program to have the “Guts” to have Difficult Conversations.

The program is completed in one day and touch on skills such as: 

  • Understand why people avoid Conflict and Difficult Conversations
  • Understand the three sources of Conflict: Misunderstanding, Negotiable Disagreements and Poor Performance
  • Understand your Communication and Conflict style
  • Being clear on the Conversations which cannot be Avoided and create an Action Plan
  • Starting the Conversation and using our Custom Approach
  • De-escalating a conversation heading in the wrong direction – managing the Tipping Point
  • Managing Blame, Avoidance, and other Negative reactions
  • Understanding the Cost to business when conversations are not managed
  • Role-plays: Applying the skills in real-time scenarios