How we do it

As a BBBEE Level 2 company, Redpoint Consulting is a Boutique Consulting practice that has been adding value in strategic people development to Organisations for almost two decades.

Our vision is based on the belief that by nurturing and developing the human element – the heartbeat of your Business – the ultimate Summit can be achieved together.

We believe in actuating the untouched potential of individuals, their insight and their courage, in order to make a definable difference in their Corporate disciplines.

Our strength lies in making a sustainable difference in Organisations through their people.

A note on the word Redpoint:

Redpoint symbolizes the strategy that climbers apply when planning their summit to the top of a cliff.

Before they ascend “Redpoints” are identified which will assist in the climb to the summit.

This is richly symbolic of the service we offer our clients, with cutting edge skills that enable our Clients to ‘summit’ their Business and Strategic objectives.